Mr. Surratt
  • Mr. Surratt grew up in Galveston/Houston Area and went to school at Stephen F. Austin State University. 

    After completing his degree he taught Elementary Music and High School Private Voice in Galena Park ISD.

    Mr. Surratt also performs when he has time to and has gotten to travel the world singing.

    He enjoys cooking, lifting weights, video games and playing with his two dogs Kyra and Betty White.

    Mr. Surratt is very excited to be joining the West Lake Wolf Pack as Assistant Choir Director.

  • Schedule

    1st period- 6th Grade Girls

    2nd period- Non Varsity Girls

    3rd period- Planning and Conference Period

    4th period- Varsity Girls

    5th period- Boys Choir

    6th period- Boys Choir

    7th period- 6th Grade Girls


    Phone Number- 281-641-5844

    Room: H100


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