Portrait of teacher
  • Heather Lyon-Southard

    11th/12th grade

    IB Psychology years 1 and 2 (Full year)

    Psychology (Semester 1)

    Sociology (Semester 2)

    United States History (Full year)

    Room 8217

    Email: hlyonso@humbleisd.net



    Class Schedule:

    1st period: US History

    2nd period: IB Psychology Year 1 

    3rd period:  IB Psychology Year 2

    4th period:  Psychology (Sem 1)/Sociology (Sem 2)

    5th period:  Psychology (Sem 1)/Sociology (Sem 2)

    6th period: US History PLC

    7th period: US History


    Tutorials from 3:00-4:30 on Wednesdays


    Psychology Syllabus

    IB Psychology Year 1 Syllabus

    IB Psychology Year 2 Syllabus

    US History Syllabus