• Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard" -Tim Notke

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  • Health science


  • 1st Medical Terminology 

    2nd Medical Terminology   

    3rd Medical Terminology   

    4th Principles of Health Science 

    5th STUCO Student leadership 

    6th Conference 

    7th Principles of Health Science 

Tutoring Schedule

  •  Room: 2008

    Tuesday 3:00-3:25 PM

    Thursday 3:00-3:25 PM 
    If you need to schedule another time, just let me know!  



  • All assignments can be found in Schoology. Log in to MyHumble or click here to get started!


    1. Be respectful to the teacher’s authority in the classroom, classmates, campus rules and property, and to yourself at all times. This includes yelling or belittling others in the classroom setting. 
    2. Be honest to the teacher, as well as to anyone on campus including classmates, other teachers, and the administrative team.
    3. Students must sit in their assigned seats and ask permission before moving around the room.
    4. Restroom and other trip privileges are given at the teacher’s discretion (unless indicated by hall pass or checkout pass from administration).  
    5. Students will listen to and follow instructions with disruptions the first time they are given. 
    6. Students will participate in class discussions in this hands-on learning class, as well as help explain concepts to others, and ask questions when they do not understand something. 
    7. Student’s will keep to their own desk area, and not take something from the teachers desk or supplies area unless given permission to do so.
    8. Students are responsible for making good use of class time. This includes working on the assignment given for this class before other assignments for other classes. Sleeping is prohibited and not considered good use of time.
    9. No profane language will be tolerated at any given time with a ZERO tolerance rule. A write up will automatically be given.
    10. Students are expected to pick up after themselves, leaving their desk trash free and clean.