• Welcome to Ms. Johnson's Class Page!

Ms. Johnson
  • Ms. Johnson
    CTE Teacher
    Room: varies by class period
    devyn.johnson@humbleisd.net (This is the BEST way to contact me!)

  • My Schedule:

    1st: Conference

    2nd: Sports & Entertainment Marketing/Social Media Marketing

    3rd: Advertsing/Fashion Marketing

    4th: Human Growth & Developement

    5th: Social Media Marketing/Sports & Entertainment Marketing

    6th: Human Growth & Developement

    7th: Human Growth & Developement


    Tutoring Schedule:

    By appointment

  • Classroom Expectations:

    1. Be responsible AND accountable
    2. Be present (Ready to learn, awake, in your seat and off your phone)
    3. Be punctual (Be on time and ready to work)
    4. Be professional and courteous
    5. Be open-minded
    6. Be a part of the conversation
    7. Treat others with respect
    8. Follow ALL school rules (Otherwise, documentation will occur)
    9. You MUST have a mask on at all times. You may not share supplies with others. You are expected to sit in your assigned seat and stay at least six feet away from others.
    10. No food or drink besides water allowed in the classroom.

    Zoom and Virtual Learners:

    1. Please log into zoom BEFORE your class period starts. (Make sure you can hear and see my screen!) 
    2. Your video MUST be on in order to be counted present but please turn your microphone off unless instructed otherwise.  
    3. Your zoom name should be first and last name as seen on the roster.
    4. Please use the chat feature to ask questions. Please be prepared to answer questions if asked.
    5. Be open-minded! This is new to most of us!
    6. Be respectful and actively listen when someone is speaking.
    7. Please dress appropriately.