Latifa McClinton


    3rd Grade Teacher 


    Humble Elementary




    Hello! Iam so excited to be your reading/writing/social studies teacher this year. 

    peacefully reading

  •                       McClinton’s Class Schedule                                                                                             


    7:55-8:10am - Wildcat Community Time/Announcements

    8:10-9:00am - Writer’s Workshop

    8:10-8:30am - Word Study

    8:30-8:40am - Mini Lesson

    8:40-9:00am - Independent Writing Time

    9:00-9:30-Read Aloud/Reader’s Response 

    9:30-9:40am - Reading Mini Lesson

    9:40-9:50 am  - Restroom Break 

    9:50-10:35am - Specials 

    10:40-11:20am - Stations/Guided Reading/ Independent Reading/S.Studies  

    11:20- 11:30 am Clean up to switch

    11:30-12:20pm - Writer’s Workshop

    11:30-11:50pm - Word Study

    11:50-12:00pm - Mini Lesson

    12:00-12:20pm - Independent Writing Time

    12:20-12:50pm - Read Aloud/ Reader’s Response

    12:50-1:00pm - RestroomBreak

    1:00-1:30pm - Lunch (Table 6)

    1:35-2:05pm - Recess/Restroom Break

    2:10-2:20pm -Reading Mini Lesson

    2:20-3:00pm - Stations/Guided Reading/ Independent Reading/S.Studies

    3:00-3:10pm - Clean and pack up

    3:10pm - Dismiss students from classroom