• Welcome to World History!!!!! This is Coach Ruiz I am the assistant tennis coach as well as the World History teacher at Kingwood High, I am excited for the upcoming school year. As we start looking ahead to the future it is my pleasure to teach my students the importance of History not just in the U.S but the world. As you can imagine the year we just had we can be assure it will be in our history books!"Additional course information and class resources are located in Schoology.

    GO MUSTANGS!!!!!! 

    Virtual Open House

    Pedro D. Ruiz

    P. 281-641-7132

    1st period-World History RM 2208

    2nd period-World History RM 2208

    3rd period-World History RM 2208

    4th period-World History RM 2208

    5th period-Conference

    6th period-Tennis Courts

    7th period-Tennis Courts

    E. pdruiz@humbleisd.net

    Conference hours Monday-Friday TBD