Brittany Baugh M.Ed.
  • I am Brittany Baugh. I am teaching Beginning Technical theatre, Intermediate Technical Theatre, and Varsity(Advanced).
    I believe that theatre has the amazing ability to change not only the audience but the artists themselves. The process of creating theatre can have you creating places that you have only dreamed of, places only you could create, and sometimes places you know like home. It is a beautiful collaboration of creative and practical ideas. It is magic.
    Kingwood Theatre Season

    Les Miserables  Nov. 3,4,5, & 7

    Pride and Prejudice Jan. 19,20,& 21

    Musical Review May 2023

    Normal Bell Schedule:

    • Period 1    Conference
    • Period 2    Tech Theatre 1
    • Period 3    Tech Theatre 1
    • Period 4    Tech Theatre 1
    • Period 5    Varsity TECH Theatre (Advanced)
    • Period 6    Tech Theatre 1 
    • Period 7    Intermediate Tech Theatre

    Classroom #1112/1108,, (281)461-7303