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    The School Board, also known as the Board of Trustees, is comprised of local citizens that volunteer their time to provide guidance for the school district.  All School Board members are elected and serve for a pre-determined number of years.

    The early Harris County Common School Districts had school boards of only three members (Humble ISD started as as Common School Districts 28, 35 and then 50).  In those early years (1884-1918), the elections for school board positions were part of general school board elections across Harris County, and those elections dates were set by the Harris County Commissioners Court.

    Harris County Common School District No. 50 was transformed into the Humble Independent School District in February of 1919. During the transition period (February 1919 through May 1919) the district was run by the three trustees that had run Common School District No. 50, who were William Z. Woodward, J. P. Kiser and William Dewey.  In May 1919, the first trustees elected to Humble ISD were (1) Dr. John Brown Dubose, (2) Phil R. Beavens, (3) E. S. Charpiot, (4) H. F. Bozarth, and (5) Conway A. Taylor.

    In May 1923, the original legislation that created Humble ISD had to be amended due to some important stipulations being left out.  The 1923 re-authorization required for an election of five new trustees to be held on the first Saturday in June 1923.  The school board members elected as part of the new re-authorization, on June 4, 1923, were C. C. Wellborn, T. L. Williamson, William Willis Williams, F. M. Long, and John Thomas Magness.  J. T. Magness was out of the State at the time of the election, so the board appointed Dr. John Brown Dubose to take his place.

    New Texas Legislation in 1931 expanded the school board to seven members.


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