• Email: christine.ross@humbleisd.net

    Virtual Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through Google Class and email


    1st: Conference

    2nd: TSTEM Geometry PreIB

    3rd: TSTEM Algebra PreIB & Computer Programming 2

    4th: TSTEM Algebra PreIB

    5th: Computer Programming 1 & 2

    6th: TSTEM Geometry PreIB

    7th: Team Planning

Google Class Codes

  • 2nd Geometry - h4lm6go

    3rd Algebra - 2r6qfyo

    4th Algebra - xb4fua4

    5th Computer Programming 1 - q2idpjm

    3rd and 5th computer programming 2 - rvqsbow

    6th Geometry - s5f5kb4

Christine Ross