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    Some information -

    Our learning environment may be changed right now, but our desire to be the best 

     we can be has not. Ms. Garcia and Mrs. Otte want you to know that we are always

    thinking of our students and their families.   

    During this evolving situation with COVID-19, 

    conference time is from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m

     Mrs. Otte:  phone  (409) 241-0602   email  rebecca.otte@humbleisd.net

    Ms. Garcia:   phone  (409) 234-4978    email txgarcia@humbleisd.net

    book While we are out......

    During this time, we would love for you to rest and take care of yourself. 

    We also would like to give you opportunities to learn from home. 

    On Jack Fields homepage, you will some of the

    Distance Learning Opportunities

    (the Third Grade Choice Board)

    for you to practice while we are out. 



Mrs. Otte
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