In high school, final exams will count for 20% of the semester average in all courses except 2nd semester of End‐of‐Course (EOC) assessed courses. 

    The final exam schedule will be released each semester; exams will not be given early.


    Students must submit a completed exemption form in order to exempt. Exemption forms will be available during final exam weeks before school, during lunch, and after school only. Students must pick up an exemption form from their House Office, obtain required signatures, and return their form to the House Office prior to the scheduled time for his/her first exempted exam.


    Students who meet exemption criteria may exempt up to 2 final exams each semester. Second semester graduating seniors may exempt all exams, as long as all other criteria are met.

    1. A student must have a grade average of 80 or above in the course for which he/she is seeking an exam exemption.
    2. A student is not eligible for exemptions if he/she has been assigned more than one Extended D-Hall (Thursday/Saturday class), In-School Suspension, or Out-of-School Suspension during the semester, or if he/she has been assigned to DAEP.
    3. Students who registers after the 5th day of the semester are not eligible for exemptions.
    4. Students may not exempt the exam in the same course for both semesters.

    There is no spring semester final for courses with an End-of-Course exam.

    Students enrolled in AP courses who take the AP exam and meet all other exemption requirements may be exempt for the final exam in that AP course in addition to standard exemptions.