• Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. In Model United Nations, students step into the shoes of world leaders working together to solve global challenges. They represent different countries, learn how to research, practice public speaking, have a ton of fun, meet a lot of new people, and grow into confident student leaders who are prepared for college, internships, and their future careers.

    At a MUN conference, students work as the representative of a country, organization, or person, and must solve a problem with other delegates. Participation in Model UN is meant to foster skills in negotiation, speaking, and communication. In addition, crisis committees, deal with crisis scenarios which can be contemporary or historical, can develop leadership skills, and the ability to adapt and deal with unexpected situations. In preparation for a conference, topics are chosen for each committee. Typically, research and background guides are made available by the organizers of a conference. Based on these guides, delegates of each committee are often expected to research and formulate a position for the country or group they represent, and submit a one-page position paper. The purpose of writing a position paper is to familiarize delegates with the substantial topics of debate, encourage academic research and writing, and to enable substantial preparation for conferences.

    In order to maintain decorum, most model UN committees use parliamentary procedures derived from Robert's Rules of Order. In addition, the United Nations has spearheaded efforts to introduce new model UN rules of procedure that are more closely aligned with those used by the actual UN.

    If you're interested in participating, come to the first meeting and learn more.


    Sponsors: Joan McClung & Randall Haney

    Officers: Jessica Richmond, Jack Newman, Annie Durkee, and Jace Jorgensen.