• Groves Robotics is an after school robotics club for 4th and 5th graders using LEGO MINDSTORM. Students will construct a robot using LEGOS, then program their “Bot” to perform various tasks using a computer processing program. We will meet once a week after school to practice constructing and programming our bots, as well as practicing specific missions. The main goal of Groves Robotics is to teach our students to think critically, solve problems, and work with others. Academic, social, and personal benefits of robotics occur while students seem to be playing with robots. In order to program the robot, students use math, spatial relations, problem solving, critical thinking, and trial and error. In order to work as a successful team, students must use cooperation, assertiveness, communication skills, and compromise.

    For more information, contact Amanda Kopp, Kerra Glover, or Cody Wheeler