• Welcome to Safety Patrol

    Members of the Patrol are selected for their respectfulness, dependability, interest, attitude, and behavior. Service on the Patrol is voluntary and will require that a commitment be made for the entire year.

    Patrol members are required to arrive at school twenty-five minutes early (7:30 am) and stay till (3:45 pm) on days they have a duty. Participation in after-school clubs will be allowed after patrol duties are completed or at 3:30.   Students on Safety Patrol must maintain an average of 70 or better in all subjects and have an “S” or better in classroom behavior. Grades are checked at regular intervals and students whose grades fall below these expectations are on a leave of absence until their grades improve.

    School Safety Patrol membership is an honored position. Patrol members play a very important role in protecting children from accidents while they are on their way to and from school. They also set an example of good citizenship and leadership, and are looked up to by the students.


    Positions and Posts are located in the Safety Patrol Closet near the cafeteria.  Safety Patrol members must check it weekly for assignments.