Happy New Year and Welocome Back!!!
    I will be your child’s Kindergarten, teacher this year. My name is,

    Mrs. Olivia Eastland

    I am excited to work with you to ensure the academic success of our little scholars. I have been teaching for 2 full years, this will be my 3rd year teaching, but my first year teaching kindergarten.

    I graduated from PVAMU, with a B.S in Agriculture. I received my teaching certification from Texas Teachers. I chose education because I love children. They are amazing, full of love and a joy to be around. They are our future and I am blessed to be a part of their education foundation.

    I am married to a wonderful fellow, we have been married for 3 years, and we have a son who will be starting kindergarten this year here at RCE!

Eastland Family
  •  "The ultimate gift we can give the world is to grow our tiny humans into adults humans who are independent thinkers, compassionate doers, concious questioners, radical innovators, and passionate peacemakers. Our world doesn't need more adults who blindlly serve the powerful because they've been trained to obey authority without question. Our world needs more adults who challenge, and question and hold the powerful accountable" -L.R Knost

  • Lunch: 10:25-10:55

    Recess: 12:05-12:35

    Students are allowed to bring water and a snack, preferably dry snack foods to limit a sticky mess.


    Confernce Days and Time:

    Monday, Thursday and Friday; 1:25-2:15

    Room # 1105


    Email: Olivia.Eastland@humbleisd.net

    Phone: 281-641-3726