• Courses: College Algebra, Precalculus, Statistics  (All College Level)

    Room: 1312

    Phone Number: 281 6417324 

    Email: mozek@humbleisd.net

    Date and Time for phone meetings or in-class meetings: Tuesday-Thursday 8:00-8:45 and  12:35-13:05 


    Family: ROO

    Club: Table Tenis


    Weekly Schedule 

    Monday/Wednesday,                       Tuesday/Thursday 

    9th Period :    Family                        9th Period:    Family                 

    1st Period :  College Algebra           5th Period: College Algebra 

    2nd Period :  College Algebra          6th Period: College Algebra

    3rd Period: Statistics                        7th Period: Conference Period

    4th Period: Learning Lab                  8th Period: Learning Lab



  • Welcome


         Mehmet ALI Ozek, M.A