• Mrs. Morgan
    Algebra 1 
    KINGWOOD PARK High School
    ROOM 1615
    **All homework, notes, and videos are posted in schoology 
    **Parents and Students should refer to Schoology for course materials.
    **All assignments are due next class period; however, test day for that unit is the ultimate last day for those assignments.  After test day, no previous assignment may be turned in...unless, extreme circumstances and has been discussed with me. ** 
    **I typically keep most assignments (except for quizzes) and tests, if there is a situation where you would like for your student to bring home something, I can certainly scan it in and email it to you or provide them with a copy, just please send me an email**
     **Please email me with concerns and I will either email or call as soon as I can**
    1st period: Algebra 1 
    2nd period: Conference
     3rd period: Algebra 1
    4th period: Algebra 1
    5th period: Algebra 1
    6th period: Algebra 1 Pre-AP
    7th period: Algebra 1
    Flex hour lunch tutorials: 
    Basically, any time my door is open the students are welcome.
Mrs. Morgan