Heather Castillo

  • Humble High School - Art Department

    Art I & Drawing III



    E: heather.castillo@humbleisd.net

    T: @mscastillo_hhs


    Availability via phone or email:

    Monday- Friday: 12:00-3:00PM


    Google Classroom Codes:

    1st Period: bgzu3ga

    2nd Period: pa6pyxw

    4th Period: m4hns2r

    5th Period: b6paaht

    6th Period: pubor5u

    7th Period: qtzswbp

    DAEP: eozl2sn


    I will be posting on Google Classroom 3 times a week. On Monday I will be posting an online video tutorial over the art topic that we will be reviewing that week. On Wednesday I will be posting the assignment that pairs with the video from Monday - this assignment has to be posted into google classroom to recieve credit. On Friday i will post an art piece and we will have an open forum to discuss and critique the art piece. 

    Monday: Video (20 minutes)

    Wednesday: Assignment (45 minutes)

    Friday: Open forum discussions (20 minutes)