Amisha Lindsey
    Biology and Biology Pre-IB
    Room #1210

    School Phone: 281-641-6300

    Welcome to Ditigal Learning, If you have not already joined the new classroom please do so. During our time away from campus we will be using Google Classroom for any communication and weekly learning opportunities. Currently everyone in one BIG google classroom, however we will need to divide our google classroom by periods. Below are the new codes, please enroll in your class period. (please note all letters are lower cased)

    1st period: Biology - at2ts2q
    2nd period: Pre IB Biology- f64jy45
    4th period: Biology- qzagqdi
    6th period: Pre IB Biology-agygr4a
    7th period: Pre IB Biology - m4sc732

    This is what the structured Learning plan for Students will look like on a weekly basis. Biology will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in google classroom. 

    Monday-Students will complete an overview for each class. I will be available from 8:00am-3:00pm via email, google classroom, or zoom video chat

    Tuesday- students will complete the learning opportunity for Science.  I will be available from 8:00am-3:00pm via email, google classroom, or zoom video chat

    Thursday - Students will participate in the collaborative engagement for Science.  I will be available from 8:00am-3:00pm via email, google classroom, or zoom video chat


  • Time



    7:20a.m-8:14 a.m




    Pre IB Biology









    Common Planning



    Pre IB Biology



    Pre IB Biology





  • Mrs. Lindsey

    Biology Syllabus

    2019 – 2020


             Contact Information

    Email address: alindse@humbleisd.net

    Website: https://www.humbleisd.net/Domain/12398#calendar165358/20190807/month

    School Phone: 281-641-6300 (Ask to leave a message for Mrs. Lindsey)

    Classroom Number: 1210

    Conference Period: 3rd

    Tutoring Hours: Wednesday from 3:00-4:10pm *buses are available

    Google Classroom code: z91zj8v


            Course Overview

    Welcome to Biology! This course includes an in-depth study of life functions and focuses on the major concepts in Biology, as determined by the TEA and Humble ISD. During the first semester in Biology students will master fundamental concepts such as characteristics of living things, biochemistry, cell biology, DNA, protein synthesis, and mutations. The second semester will then involve a journey through the areas of meiosis and genetics, gene technology, evolution, taxonomy and classification, ecology, and lastly, the human body. 

    Focus Topics: DNA, Genetic Code, Mitosis, Meiosis, Adaptations, Kingdoms, Taxonomy, Plants, Succession and Energy Flow



    • Come to class prepared and on time, with a ready-to-work attitude.
    • Immediately sit in your assigned seat and begin the warm-up upon entering.
    • Demonstrate respect for yourself, your classmates, and the teacher.
    • Be responsible for your work – cheating will not be tolerated.
    • Take ownership of your learning – participate, listen, and communicate.
    • Abide by the electronics policy.- NO CELL PHONES!!!
    • Wear your ID at all times.
    • Work to your full potential at all times!



    • Tardy: Report to the office and obtain a pass prior to entering class.
    • Absent/Make-up: You are responsible for obtaining and making up all assignments in a timely manner. You will receive 1 extra day to complete the assignment per day that you are absent (ex. absent for 2 days, grants you 2 extra days to complete the assignment).
    • Late work: Late assignments are subject to a deduction of up to 15 points for each day the assignment is late for up to of 6 days.
    • Re-do: You may resubmit assignments only if you have provided evidence of the steps you have taken to deepen your understanding of the content. Late assignments may not be resubmitted.
    • Electronics: NO CELL PHONES. You are only allowed to use electronic devices in class when given permission, and they must only be used in the manner that is permitted by the teacher.
    • Only 4 restroom passes per semester.



    Level:                                                             Pre IB

    60% – Summative: tests, projects, etc.           70% – Summative: tests, projects, etc.

    40% – Formative: daily grades, exit tickets,   30% – Formative: daily grades, exit-

    Homework, quizzes, etc.                       tickets, homework, quizzes, etc.         




    • 5” 3 ring binder
    • Pencils for personal use



    Optional – & greatly appreciated!

    • Dry Erase Markers
    • Tissues
    • Box of wooden pencils
    • Printer paper



    How to Stay in the Loop

    I believe that my students’ ability to be accountable for their own learning is the key to long-term success in whichever career path they choose to take. With that being said, I understand that most of my students are freshman, and are still learning how to transition into responsible young-adults. This is why I strongly encourage my students AND parents to keep up with their grades and upcoming assignments using the services I’ve outlined below. I do my best to send out reminders and upload grades in a timely manner, so I assume that you are aware of your standing in my class at all times. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.


    HAC (Home Access Center): This service allows students and parents to stay up-to-date with your child’s performance in his or her classes. Accounts can be created in English or Spanish, from which you may access grades and attendance. There are step-by-step instructions explaining how to create an account on the school website, and it may also be accessed through the Humble ISD application that launched this past summer.


    Google classroom and Website: I created a google classroom and website to help you keep up with the information that is vital to your success in my class. I will do my absolute best to keep these accurate and up-to-date, and feel free to hold me accountable if I slip up. I'm only human! :) The web address is https://www.humbleisd.net/Domain/12398#calendar165358/20190807/month , or visit my staff site through the school website. Google classroom code is z91zj8v.


    Retake on formative and summative grades

    Students are able to retake any assignment that they made below a 70. Given the opportunity to retake or retest students will be able to improve their grade up to a 70. In order to do a retest students MUST be in a reteach lesson in tutorial before they are allowed a retest option.



    Note from the Teacher

    I hope you had a restful summer and returned to school ready to work. I have very high expectations for all of you, and I hope that each of you to exceed those expectations. I look forward to teaching you some exciting biology content, and also learning about you along the way. If you have any questions or concerns, or just simply want to talk, my door is always open. I’m ready to have a great year, so get prepared for the journey!