Rachel Samson


    Room #106


    1st Grade Continued Learning - Week of April 6th

    The items that are HIGHLIGHTED are things that need to be turned in to your teacher by email.




    Your child should be reading EVERY DAY!  They should read at least 20-30 minutes each day. 


    Reading Assignment--learning about Folktales


    ●      RAZ KIDS (login provided by your teacher) Please read the book The Four Friends or any book you have at home and do the following activities:

    ●       Choice Board    After reading a book choose 1 activity and submit to your teacher. 


            Additional Reading Activities:

    ●      RAZ Kids: Raz-Kids (Login information if needed email your teacher)


    ●      www.storylineonline.net


    ●      Istation  (Login information if needed email your teacher)

    You have to download Istation onto your device.  Here are the instructions to do so.

    Get Started with Istation Home


    ●      Sight Words:  Keep practicing the first-grade sight word list.  If you do not have it you can look click here. https://sightwords.com/pdfs/fry_sight_words_flash_cards_100.pdf



    ●      Guest Reader:

    It's Okay to Be Different By Todd Parr- Read by Mrs. Newcomb




    Your child should be able to write for 20 minutes each day.  They can choose what they write each day.  They do NOT need a new piece each day.  They may start something one day and work on it for another day or two.  Please remind your child that they need to use their best handwriting, proper spacing, capitalization, and punctuation.


    Writing Assignment--Personal Narrative

    - Write a story with lots of  details about something fun you have done in the last two weeks. Please email a copy of your story to your teacher.





    Your child should be working on math for 20 minutes a day.


    Math Assignments

    ●      Students will create shape riddles for a rectangle, square, rhombus, hexagon, and triangle. Email your riddles, or video your riddles and send it to your teacher.

    Example: I have zero sides. I have zero vertices.  A pizza can be the shape of me. What am I?

    ●      Online Skill Practice:  Shapes Splat Students can play independently or with supervision.

    Students find and match the shape name with the shape provided.

    Suggested Mode: Basic Shapes, 3D Shapes, Slow Relaxed Mode


    Additional Math Activities:


    ●      Prodigy (login info from your teacher)

    ●      Play Prodigy


    ●      Istation  (login information from the teacher if needed)* This is the same login as the reading Istation login.

    You have to download Istation onto your device.  Here are the instructions to do so.

    Get Started with Istation Home


    ●      Flashcards for math fact memorization (addition and subtraction facts ex. 3+7= 10)

    ●      Students can create math story problems addition/subtraction

    Science/Social Studies

    ●      PebbleGo  

    https://www.pebblego.com/         login: elmgrove     password: school

    ●      Mystery Science: Your kids will LOVE these lessons!

                  No sign-up required, no student login:


    ●      Scholastic: This is a great resource with books and lessons for each topic. You will need to create a FREE account for your child to use this.

    Remote Learning Resources and Strategies | Grades 1-2 | Coronavirus Support


     Choice Board

    Directions: Choose one activity to submit to your teacher.  You are welcome to do as many as you like. 

    Retell/Act Out story in your own words



    Compare/Contrast two different books



    Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story



    Make up a song or rap about the book.


    Read a book




    Highlight five sight words in the book


    Design a costume for the main character


    Record yourself reading the book. (fluency)


    Complete the story map.

           Story Map