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    Welcome to Kinderdergarten!  Thank you parents for helping your child to succeed in Kindergarten.  Here are some activities to be completed at home daily.  We will have a homework packet that will go home monthly.  You will work througout the month with you child to complete the homework and return the packet.  Your child will get a list of sight words in their binder and we will focus on 2-3 words weekly, then those words will be highlighted on the list in their binder.  Practice the weekly words daily as well as the other words.  Also we are asking that you read with your child for at least 10 min. daily and then write down what you read in their binder.  In Math, your child will learn to write their numbers from 1-20, to count 20 objects, and count daily to 100 starting anywhere.  Practice counting and writing numbers daily to reinforce what was taught in class.  Also, practice writing stories with your child by having them tell you a story and then draw a picture for what they just wrote.  Your help at home will reinforce what we are learning in class daily.  If you have any questions or want any ideas for what can be done at home you can contact me and I would be happy to help you.