• Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, Misty graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Texas A&M Corpus Christi and a respiratory therapy certification. Growing up she participated and excelled in varsity basketball, kickball, track & field, choir, and various volunteer groups.

    Misty is passionate about medical, scientific, and technological advancements and has shown that throughout her entire career. She worked through college in a genetics lab studying the genetic properties of mustard seed plants. Three years were spent in a male fertility lab located in Dallas, Texas, studying the fertility process and aiding in IVF and IUI procedures. Working through the medical field gave her knowledge of laboratory techniques and clinical management. Misty became an office manager at a home healthcare agency and gained essential knowledge of insurance, coding, durable home equipment instruction, patient therapy, and continuing education. She then had the experience of working as a care coordinator for AARP members and extended her knowledge in communication and care for those in need.

    After volunteering, the Education Foundation of Harris County had her aid in designing the 2015 All-Earth Ecobot Challenge game, curriculum and missions which she has continued ever since. That helped increase her interests in teaching and technology by bringing college level education in the middle schools. Misty ventured into education and taught at Baylor College of Medicine Academy in the Houston Independent School District. She was able to teach Biotechnology and Robotics to 8th graders and had the opportunity to compete in several competitions. She won the Constellation award 2 years in a row after competing in the Genes In Space competition with her Biotechnology students and won several awards through the All-Earth Ecobot Challenge with her robotics students. She's now moving forward and implementing all of her past experiences in her high school classroom at The Career & Technology Education Center in Humble, Texas, through Principles of Health Science, Medical Microbiology, Biotechnology, and Pathophysiology.


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    Health Occupation Students of America

Mrs. P at an Ecobot event