Behavior Continuum / Social Skills 


     Mr. Bonilla

    Atascocita High School 



    Room Number: 1722



    Class Expectations

    Expectations will stem from the following Core Values in my classroom. 

    • Honesty - Be truthful to yourself and others. 
    • Integrity - Know and do what is right. 
    • Respect - Treating others the way you want to be treated. 
    • Responsibility - Embrace opportunities to contribute.
    • Perseverance - Never give up. 

    All students will be given detailed instruction on all core values mentioned above that will provide students the opportunity to self-manage and take ownership of their own actions and choices. 

  • Class Motto

    If it doesn't challenge you,  It won't change you.     

Mr. Bonilla
  • Schedule

    First Period - BC Social Skills

    Second Period - Behavior Continuum 

    Third Period - Behavior Continuum

    Fourth Period - Conference

    Fifth Period - Behavior Continuum

    Sixth Period - Behavior Continuum

    Seventh Period - Behavior Continuum