Curtis Stewart

Curtis Stewart

    Name: Mr. Curtis Stewart 

    Subject/Department-SPED/Credit Recovery/Earth and Space Science


  • Schedule:

    1st Period-Credit Recovery (White LGI)

    2nd Period- Algebra Faulconer

    3rd Period-Earth and Space Science (2615)

    4th period-Earth and Space Science (2519) Schmidt

    5th period-Conference

    6th period-Earth and Space Science (2520) Schmidt

    7th period-Earth and Space Science (2520) Schmidt


     We will be using Schoology to Earth and Space Science. Go to MyHumble to log in.


     My tutorial period : Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-3:30


     Fall Schedule


    2nd 8:20-9:03


    4th 10:12-10:55

    5th 11:07-1:04

    6th 1:13-1:56




    If your student is experiencing technical difficulties regarding the selected platforms used, please email me and let me know. Please feel free to email me regarding any concerns you may have as we navigate this online learning platform. I will try my best to assist.

    Thank you,

    Curtis Stewart


  • Learning is a life long process. Try to learn something new everyday

  • My support for teachers and students will take place in both the virtual setting and face-to-face classroom setting. I am also available by appointment-please email me at I will provide you with a specific individual Zoom Code and can video chat with students or parents one-on-one.

  • Classroom Rules (In addition to school rules):

    • 1.    Be on time. Students should be seated at their computer when the tardy bell rings. Students are tardy and will be sent to their house secretary if they are not inside the room when the tardy bell rings.

      2.    Log-in to assigned computer upon entering the room. Save your work and log-out when the release bell rings. 

      3.    No food, drinks or gum in the classroom.   

      4.    Students must go to the bathroom before or after class. 

      5.    No student will be allowed to leave class during the first 10 and last 10 minutes of class. 

      6.    Dress code will be strictly enforced.  Please do not waste valuable class time making unnecessary trips to your assistant principal to change clothing or call home. 

      7.    Students will be a promoters of learning.  Refrain from off-task behaviors such as sleeping or disrupting class. 

      8.    No cheating – Acts of dishonesty will not be accepted.  Applicable policy will be enforced regarding any and all issues of academic dishonesty. 

      9.    Cellphones and other personal digital devices are allowed in the classroom when teacher permits. Absolutely no text messaging during class.