• Welcome to Mrs. Schaeffer's World Geography class!



Ms. Schaeffer
  • Claire Schaeffer

    World Geography

    Room 2009



  • Schedule

    Conference: 2nd Period


  • Tutorials

    Virtual: See Schoology for current tutoring schedule

    In Person: Tuesdays 3:00pm - 3:30pm

    *Students may attend any Geography teacher’s tutorial day.

  • Class Values

    Be Ready- Be mentally and physically ready to try your hardest everyday.

    Be Responsible- You control your thoughts, actions, and words online and in person. Choose to make a positive impact!

    Openly Communicate- Do not suffer in silence! Whether it be virtual or in person it is important to voice your needs, questions, and concerns. If you need help, let Mrs. Schaeffer know.


    Classroom Policies 

    How is Attendance monitored?

    In person and virtual attendance is taken every day. During virtual meeting times students will complete an attendance form. On virtual days they must log into their Schoology account to complete an assignment.

    Engagement within Schoology

    All course materials and assignments are in Schoology. Use MyHumble to log in. 

    Submission of Work

    Most assignments will be submitted through Schoology.

    Grading Policy

    Grading Scale: 

    90 – 100   A 

    80 – 89 B 

    70 – 79 C 

    0 – 69    Failing

    40% of 9 weeks average: daily work & quizzes

    60% of 9 weeks average: tests & projects

    Student grades can be viewed on the parent home access center. If students have questions about their grade they may come to tutorials or contact Mrs. Schaeffer via email.