¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

Mr. Martinez

Profesor Martínez

Contact Information

  • Pablo Martinez

    Spanish 1/Dual Credit




Tutoring Schedule

  • Wednesdays AM and FLEX.

Class Rules

  • Be on Time: Be in your seat working when the bell rings.

    Be Prepared: Bring pencil, notebook, HW, and all needed supplies.

    Be Respectful: Treat all people, materials, and ideas with respect.

    Be Responsible: Take responsibility for your behavior, words, belongings, and actions. No name = No credit. Use passing time wisely - go to the restroom and take care of business between classes.

    Be Cooperative: Help fellow students, teachers, and other adults in any way you can.



  • MW

    1st: Learning Lab / 2nd: Spanish Dual Credit / 3rd Period: Spanish 1 / 4th Period: Conference


    5th: Spanish 1 / 6th: Spanish 1 / 7th: Spanish 1 / 8th: Credit Recovery


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