• Algebra 2 / Strategic Math 

Mr. Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez
  • Jesus (Jesse) Hernandez

    • Algebra II On-Level

      Strategic Math

      White House 


  • Schedule

    • 1st - Conference Period

      2nd - Strategic Math(Rm 2409)

      3rd - Strategic Math(Rm 2407)

      4th - Algebra II On-Level(Rm 2409)


      Algebra II (except 4th Per class) meets in Rm 2312

      5th - Algebra II On-Level

      6th - Algebra II On-Level

      7th - Algebra II On-Level


    Tutorials(Rm 2312)

    • Tuesday 3:00-3:30 pm

      Friday  3:00-3:30 pm

      (Schedule for other tutoring times can be found under "Resources" link)

  • Classroom Expectations

    Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready, Be successful!

    • The goal is to establish an effective and safe learning environment for all students.  Not only does the teacher play an important role but its vital that students engage, participate, and interact in the lessons so learning takes place.  For this reason, as a class we will discuss our classroom expectations and culture on the first day of school.  Listed below are my basic classroom expectations so that we can have a sound learning environment:

      • When the bell rings, be in your seat and prepared to work.
      • Respect the teacher and your classmates.
      • Refrain from eating and drinking in the classroom.
      • At the end of the period, remain in your seat until the bell rings.
      • Give your best every day and expect to succeed.