Mr. Leatherman

  • Rm 7509




  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday

    Period 1: 7:25-8:11

    Period 2: 8:19-9:05

    Period 3: 9:13-10:02

    Period 4: 10:10-10:56

    Period 5: B-Lunch

    Period 6: 1:13-2:00

    Period 7: 2:08-2:52

    Wednesday Block

    1st 7:25-9:06

    3rd 9:14-10:57

    5th 11:05-1:06

    B Lunch 11:31-12:06

    7th 1:14-2:55

    Thursday Block

    2nd 9:25-11:03

    4th 11:11-1:12

    B Lunch 11:37-12:06

    6th 1:20-2:55


Tutoring Schedule

  • Tutoring schedule is as follows:

    Wednesday 3:00-3:30

    Thursday 3:00-3:30

Class Expectations

    • Be on time. 
    • See above expectation
    • Cell phone use may be permitted at teacher's discretion unless it becomes a distraction.  No live phone calls or facetime is allowed.  Texting will be allowed on a case by case basis. Again, if it becomes a distraction, cell phone use will be forbidden.
    • Respect yourself and the opinions of others
    • Turn in work when due
    • "Be somebody that makes everybody feel like somebody"
    • Read and Write every day


    Classroom Policies 

    How is Attendance monitored? Attendance is monitored in Eschool. Multiple absences and tardies may lead to parental contact or conferences.

    Engagement within LMS Much of the work from class will be posted on Schoology so students can complete at home.

    Grading Policy:Grades are based on Formative and Summative Assessments. 

    Submission of Work: All work is expected on the due date.  Late work will be accepted under the following conditions

    First day late: Highest grade available 85.

    Second day late:  Highest grade available 70.

    Third day late: Highest grade available 60.

    Fourth day late or later:  Highest grade available 50.

    Absence or missed day due to Extra-curricular activity, work will be accepted without penalty.