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    Email: karie.lobuglio@humbleisd.net

    Phone extention: x3920

    Conference: 10:17am-11:13


  • 1st period: Varsity (8th grade)

    2nd period: Conference

    3rd period: Non Varsity (8th grade)

    4th period: Beginning 6th grade

    5th period: Technical Theatre (7th and 8th grade)  

    6th period: Intermediate Theatre (7th grade)

    7th period: Theatre 1 (7th and 8th grade)

  • Emerald Heist Cast List


    To purchase a script: Instead of purchasing a physical copy, please purchase an “e-view” script. This will allow you to download the script onto one electronic device. 


    We will have 3 nights of performances. Each cast will perform on one night. Dates TBD.


    Cast #1

    Conductor: Jordyn

    James: Jacob

    Lucy: Melanie

    Ms Winston: Kaitlyn

    Thief: Yuri


    Marshal: Tyler

    Jeweler: Leah C


    Cast #2

    Conductor: Samaria


    Lucy: Aveline

    Ms Winston: Leah F

    Thief: Ren

    Curator: Megan

    Marshal: Beckham

    Jeweler: Kadence

    Cast #3

    Conductor: Alyssa

    James: Ashton

    Lucy: Adrianna

    Ms Winston: Emma

    Thief: Evelyn

    Curator: Keza

    Marshal: Beckham


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