Welcome to  distance learning with TMS everyone!  


    1st period: Arts and Crafts 8:30-9:23 (RM 808)

    2nd period: Arts and Crafts 9:27-10:20 (RM 808)

    3rd period: Arts and Crafts 10:24-11:17 (RM 808)

    advisory: 11:21-11:41 

    5th period:  Keyboarding 1:13-2:06 (RM 818)

    6th period: Keyboarding 2:10-3:03  (RM 818)

    7th period: Keyboarding  3:07-4:00  (RM 818)

    ** There will be no late arrival thursday until we are at 100% capacity**


    Students can access  their classes online through the schoology app  located on the my humble website. 


    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at kjeter@humbleisd.net