• Welcome to Distance Learning in Kindergarten! 

    We are in this together! 


    I will post updates, important information,videos, reminders, and resources in ClassDojo about Distance Learning events/activities. 

    Check and scroll through the Classdojo story, student profile, and messages as much as possible.



    Please watch the Monday Menu Movie every Monday in ClassDojo. Refer to the menu choice board for activities. I will post the menu choice board link every Sunday evening in ClassDojo. You can find the menu board link on the FallCreek website as well. 


    Work Submission 

    You may change the activities a little from the menu choice board to help accommodate you and your child. You May do extra activities as well. Students may continue using online resources to support their continued learning. 


    Please upload 1 activity per subject per week to your child’s class dojo profile. If you're having trouble uploading pictures and videos, please watch the tutorial video on how to upload pictures and videos that is posted in the ClassDojo story. (You must scroll towards the bottom fo the Class Story.) The video is also attached to the informational slide show at the bottom of this page. 


    You may follow your own schedule or the ones sent in the ClassDojo Message Thread. 


    Contact Me:

    Email: dnafega@humbleisd.net

    Phone Number: I am using an app to make phone calls. Each time I call, the number will be different. Please let me know if you need me to call you. I am happy to help and answer any questions you may have. 

    Office hours Monday-Friday 10:00-10:30

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    Read the weekly kindergarten newsletter every Sunday evening or Monday morning! You can click on the Newsletter link at anytime for any updates. 

    The newsletter link is attached to the informational slide show at the bottom of this page. You can also find the link in the ClassDojo story. 

    Please read with your child every night! 




    About Me:

    I love spending time with my family. I have two daughters, Celeste and Mia. I married the love of my life in 2016. We often enjoy cooking and watching movies together. I like to read informational books, train my dogs, write, and sing. I like anything owls, bright colors, and flowers. This is my 6th year to teach and I am very passionate about teaching.

    My Favorites!

    Birthday: October 2nd

    Color: Pink

    Drink: Dr. Pepper

    Season: Fall

    Sports: Football

    Fast Food: Chick-fil-a

    Store: Bath and Body Works

    Restaurant: Chili’s

    Flower: Sunflower

    Things I love: My family, candles, coffee cups, Reese’s pieces, and teaching.

     My Education:

    In May of 2014, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. 





Daniela Nafegar
  • In Class Daily Schedule 

    7:30-8:05 Soft Start 

    8:05-8:30 Morning Meeting/Calendar

    8:30-8:50 Interactive Read Aloud/Shared Read

    8:50-9:10 Word Study

    9:10-9:25 RISE

    9:25-10:10 Reader’s Workshop

    10:10-10:25 Phonemic Awareness/ RML

    10:25-10:55 Lunch

    10:55-11:25 Recess

    11:30-11:45 Restroom/Handwriting

    11:45-12:30 Writer’s Workshop

    12:30-1:15 Specials

    1:15-2:15 Math/Snack Time

    2:15-2:35 Social Studies/Science

    2:35-2:50 Play Centers

    2:50-3:00 Pack up/Dismiss into Hallway areas