• Name:  Anna L. Garcia

    Phone:  281-641-5243

    Email:  Anna.Garcia@humbleisd.net

    Room: 215

    Subject:   8th Grade US History



    First period

    8:00am (Tuesday and Thursday)

    US History - PreAP

    Second period

    8:00am (Wednesday and Friday)

    US History

    Third period

    9:00am (Tuesday and Thursday)

    US History

    Fourth period

    9:00am (Wednesday and Friday)

    US History - PreAP

    Fifth period

    10:00am (Tuesday and Thursday)

    Conference/ Planning

    Sixth period

    10:00am (Wednesday and Friday)

    US History - PreAP

    Seventh period

    11:00am (Tuesday and Thursday)

    US History




    Tuesday - Friday: 2:00pm - 4pm



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