• Hello and Welcome to Mrs. Davis' Geometry Class!

    This is going to be a great year of exploring, learning, and pushing ourselves to reach our goals!  


         A little background on me...I am a graduate of Pearland High School and Texas A&M University!  Whoop!  I have a degree in Biomedical Science with years of experience in Veterinary Medicine, both domdestic and wildlife.  I have worked as a Veterinary Technician in the Forth Worth Zoological Gardens and Texas A&M University's Wildlife Center.  I was priviliged to work in the Wortham World of Primates at the Houston Zoological Gardens as well.  Animals are my passion, which is why I am the proud mom of two wonderful fur babies, Cinnamon (my little shih tzu,) and Melody (my rambunctious peki tzu).  I have owned horses, dogs, cats, fish, exotic birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles, and everything in between.  I left this awesome profession to raise two wonderful kids.  During that time, I decided I would like to work a schedule that would accomodate them, so I looked into teaching.  During my time working with animals, building habitats, aiding in surgeries, administering medications, etc., I started to realize just how much math I was actually using on a daily basis.  When the chance came for me to teach, I thought about what I wanted area I wanted to focus on and realized how exciting it would be to teach students the concepts I knew they would possibly be using when they graduated.  I never imagined I would use the pythagorean theorem, proportions, graphing lines, etc. as much as I was, working in the field I was in.  It's been 10 years and I absolutely love teaching, especially a subject as important and relevant as MATH!  My goal is to always show how what we are learning can be used in every day life...whether at home, in a career, or even if it is just to stretch and exercise our brains. 

         My children are both in college now...my daughter is studying Interior Design at Stephen F Austin State University and my son is attending the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University! I am very proud of both of them!  The one thing they have both mentioned is how much MATH they have to know.  I can't wait to share my outside experiences with my students and look forward to all they have to share with me.  The classroom is a place for Everyone to learn...including the teacher.  (:

         If you are in a career that uses a lot (or even a little) Math, or maybe you notice how much you use it at home or just out and about, I would LOVE for you to SHARE it with me.  I want to fill our classroom with Real-Life uses of what we are learning.  Math can be boring unless you put it to use!  So, Please share...experiences, examples, etc.  Let's learn together!  (:

    Looking forward to a GREAT YEAR!

    Mrs. Davis (:


     Welcome to Geometry- Open House Video!

Bridget Davis