• Debbie Johns


    Welcome back to a brand new, never another year like it, school year! I am excited to be back to being with many of you face-to-face in a few weeks and some of you virtually for much or all of the school year. While we are virtual, lessons will be posted on Monday by 8:00 am in Schoology. There are assignments due every day of the school week. To access Schoology, log into MyHumble, and click on the Schoology icon. 

    For the first week back, virtual students, please take the opportunity to pop into Zoom to introduce yourself during either the 4th period Zoom time or the designated V3 Zoom times. It's not required that you stop in, it is required that you complete the activities in Schoology. I would love to see you and get to know you while you are virtual so if you change to face-to-face later, we already know each other.  

    All of my other classes, I look forward to seeing you during our Zoom times and getting to know each other! 

    As of right now, communication will be through Schoology. I may add Remind later if Schoology is not as efficient as I expect it to be. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns!


     "Additional course information and class resources are located in Schoology."

    Chemistry and IPC Teacher

    Room 4006



    Cell phone Policy: In order to maximize learning in the classroom, ALL cell phones are to be put in cell-phone holder. The ONLY exception is if I receive an email from parent/guardian stating it is OK for their student to be on their phone during my class. 



    1st period: Chemistry

    2nd period: IPC

    3rd period: Planning

    4th period: Virtual

    5th period: Chemistry

    Lunch:  during A block.

    6th period: Chemistry

    7th period: Chemistry


    Orientation Video

Mrs. Johns salmon fishing in Alaska