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    Well, oh well, the final assignment is upon us and will be due on Tuesday 5/26/2020! In biology, students have a choice of which assignment they want to do for their grade. The last week's Zoom meetings are a chance to say goodbye for the summer. I miss seeing my students smiling faces and hearing their voices so please stop in to say hello!


    Just a reminder that the grade replacing book report for biology is due Monday 5/18/2020 at 9:00 am. There isn't a late grade for it because it is extra credit. There was so much information packed into each chapter, it's very easy to get a good paragraph per chapter that demonstrates the chapter was read in entirety. 


    Level Biology and IPC Teacher

    Room 3008 and 2004


    deborah.johns@humbleisd.net since I am in multiple classrooms, the easiest way to contact me is by email!

     Cell phone Policy: In order to maximize learning in the classroom, ALL cell phones are to be put in cell-phone holder (rm 3008) or backpack on back of room (rm 2004). The ONLY exception is if I receive an email from parent/guardian stating it is OK for their student to be on their phone during my class. 

     All Level Biology information is posted on the Level Biology-Click here page

    All IPC information can be found on this site



    1st period: Biology room 2004

    2nd period: Planning

    3rd period: Biology room 3008

    4th period: Biology room 3008

    5th period: IPC room 2004

    Tutoring: Tuesday Rm 2004 A Block IPC; Friday A Block 3008 Biology

    6th period: Biology room 3008

    7th period: Biology room 3008