Welcome to our spring semester! This is my 11th year in secondary education and my 3rd year at KHS. I earned a BS in Environmental Science (Water Analysis Technology focus) from the California University of Pennsylvania. Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked in the Hazardous Waste disposal field for many years. As you can probably tell from my picture on this page, I love the out of doors including hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and just relaxing. 

    Most work will be posted in Schoology. I will post video lessons for Chemistry so that absent students can keep up-to-date.  To access Schoology, log into MyHumble, and click on the Schoology icon. I strongly encourage all parents/guardians to register in Schoology so you can see what your student is working on, grades, etc. 


    Cell Phone & Earbuds/Airpods/Headphones Policy-Please reinforce with your student!

    Science classes build upon every lesson and as such requires undivided attention to the topic at hand. Thus, it is expected that students will put their cell phones & Earbuds/Airpods/Headphones away, either in the cell phone holder at the front of the classroom or in their backpacks. Students, unless otherwise directed by the teacher, are not permitted to have their cell phones out during class. They are not allowed to respond to text messages or phone calls during class. If cell phones become a distraction, then the parent will be notified. If the problem persists then a referral will be written.

    ***If a student has their cell phone or any electronic device during a test or quiz they will receive a zero for that assignment. ****

    Please check the class syllabus for additional details about each class.  "Additional course information and class resources are located in Schoology."


    I'm looking forward to an amazing year with your students as we engage in lots of authentic, hands-on learning. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email. Thank you!

    Debbie Johns

    Chemistry and IPC Teacher

    Room 4002






    1st period: Chemistry

    2nd period: Chemistry

    3rd period: Planning

    4th period: IPC

    5th period: Chemistry

    Mustang Hour: A Block:  Monday-Duty, Tuesday Chemistry tutoring, Wednesday-Duty, Thursday-Duty, Friday-IPC Tutoring and Environmental Club

                          B block: Lunch

    6th period: IPC-Make sure to use the restroom BEFORE coming to class

    7th period: Chemistry

     Fit Open House Video

    Chemistry and IPC orientation

Mrs. Johns salmon fishing in Alaska