• Name: Allen Akins

    Grade: 9th - 12th

    Subject/Department: Engineering & Robotics I

    Room Number: 2800

    Email Address: allen.akins@humbleisd.net (preferred method of contact)

    School Phone Number: 281-641-7127

    Supplies:  Your student will need to have their supplies with them every day they come to class.  

    1. One binded composition note book, a.k.a. engineering note book for note taking, daily entry, and etc…
    2. A pencil and pen
    3. Access to an electronic device for google classroom activities
    4. A ruler, protractor, and compose highly recommended to do some drawings in class

    Grading Policy

    • Summative (50%)
      • Includes exams, presentations, and major projects
    • Formative (50%)
      • Quizzes and minor projects (count double)
      • Daily work

    Late / Make-up Work Policy:

    • Late Work – late work is defined as any work not turned in on the class day it is due (not including make-up work due to absence).  Late work follows the scale listed below:

                            Formative Homework (excludes in-class work): 

    1 day late = minus 20

    2 days late = minus 40

    3 days late = minus 60

    4 days late = minus 80

    5 days late = no credit

    Summative Homework (projects, papers, etc)

    Minus 20 points per day

    Important Note – Late work must be handed directly to the teacher (not placed in the box/shelf).  Engineering is a highly responsible profession and learning to keep up with assignments and due dates is the one of the first steps in responsibility.


    • Make-up Work – make-up work is defined as missing work due to an absence.  If the student is absent due to illness or school related activity (such as a sporting event), it is the student’s responsibility to find out what work they missed on their first day back to school.  When possible, students should plan ahead and turn in assignments before a known absence (i.e. scheduled school related events like a band contest or athletic competition).  Remember, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain missing assignments from me and turn them in according to the following timeline: 

    1 day absence – day following return to school

    2 day absence – 2 days after return to school

    3 day absence – 3 days after return to school

    4 day absence – 4 days after return to school

    5 day absence – 5 days after return to school

    Make-up Work not completed within the above timeline will follow the late work policy listed above.  Reminder – please let me know of any extenuating circumstances so we can work together to help you/your student be successful in this course.


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