• Gracie Zamarron
    West Lake Middle School
    8th Grade Science
    Contact Information:
    281-641-5800, ext 85931
    Email: amanda.zamarron@humbleisd.net
    Room D101
    Conference time:
    3:07-4:00 Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
    2:28-4:00 Wednesday
    Any morning or afternoon.
    **exception being Friday, due to duty
    Class Schedule:
    Period 1- PreAP 8th Sci
    Period 2- 8th Science
    Period 3- 8th Science
    Period 4- PreAP 8th Sci
    Period 5- PreAP 8th Sci
    Period 6- PreAP 8th Sci
    Period 7- Conference
Picture of Mrs. Zamarron