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  • Cory Kollister

    Math Academic Lead Teacher


    Office Phone 281-641-5927

    Mathematics Department Webpage


    18 years as a professional

    13 years in education, 10 as a math teacher and athletic coach, 3 as an assistant principal

    Bachelors in Kinesiology, Teacher Certification from Penn State University

    Masters in Athletic Administration from Ohio University

     Kollister Fam  

    My wife, Jennifer, and four children, Triston 14, Ashlyn 12, Caden 10, Kamryn 9


    Four keys to having a great attitude by John Maxwell

    • Have a teachable spirit, teachability requires long and hard looks in the mirror
    • Take responsibility for the attitude that you have, fill your mind with, meditate on, and practice good things
    • Travel the high road, treat others better than we treat ourselves
    • Understand the value, we don't get to choose what we go through, but we do get to choose how we go through it