Summer Creek High School

    BEST is the Standard

    Senior Reserved

    Painted Parking Spaces


    WHO? : Seniors Only (Class of 2020)

    WHY? : To raise money for the Class of 2020

    • To beautify the campus
    • To build school spirit
    • To create a senior tradition


    HOW MUCH? : $100.00– Includes reserved parking space, parking permit, opportunity to paint it.

    (Early Bird special: $80 at Bulldog Camp on July 31, 2019)


    *Please note that allotted parking spaces are given on a first come first served basis




    • Step 1: Purchase your parking space for the 2019-2020 school year

    $20 cash paid to SCHS

    $80 cash paid to Project Graduation


    Submit your design to Mr. Hutton, jhutton@humbleisd.net or UT-House


    Once you submit a design, it cannot be changed or altered in any form or fashion.

    Mandatory Paint Options (paint can only be water based exterior latex; no spray, reflective or fluorescent permitted):

    • You will provide your own paint. (Consider sharing with others.)



    • No offensive language, pictures, or symbols.
    • No negative or rude language (Be nice).
    • No “gang-style tagging.”


    • You may use YOUR NAME. If you want to use a nickname it must be approved.
    • Prohibited items will be painted over at the discretion of Administration. Disciplinary action may be taken & you may forfeit your right to a parking space and /or to park on campus.



    • All parking spaces must be completely painted by August 10.



    • Copy of your approved design – so you will have your approved template to follow. You must follow this design exactly – no changes allowed.
    • Broom to sweep off your spot before painting. (This will save you lots of time.)
    • Paintbrushes, paint, or painter’s tape and any other supplies you may need


    Please fill out the form below and submit it to Mr. Hutton: 

    Reserved Painted Parking Spaces Student Contract