• SCHS Continued Learning

    If you want to participate, you can turn in your work to your period's google classroom! 

    If you aren't already signed up, use the class code below to do so! 

    Class Codes: 

    1st period: ofglvyb

    3rd period: vhktbwx

    4th period: t3wifp3

    5th period: yh5t7mz

    6th period: pox6oex

    7th period: kdjzhi7



  • Tutoring: Will be held from Tues - Thurs from 1:55 - 2:55

    Other days will be available if needed. 

  • Schedule

    1st period: Art 1 


    2nd period: Conference 


    3rd period: Drawing 2


    4th period: Art 1


    5th period: Art 1


    6th period: Art 1


    7th period: Art 1

  • Mrs. Tori Hill


    Art Educator 


    Art Club Sponsor