• Mr. Chadrick Warner

    8th Grade Math

    Room Number: 304



    I am very excited about the unlimited opportunities that this school year is going to bring.  This will be an adjustment for all that is involved, but we will lean on one another and make it through successfully.  
    Students are required to login to each class everyday by 4pm in Schoology to access their daily check-ins.  Along with the daily check-ins, there is a Week at a Glance for the students to access each day that will show them their assignment for that specific day.
    We will have 2 Academic Meet-Ups via Zoom starting this week.  Please check your schedule to see when you are in 8th Grade Math, and we will meet at the scheduled time below.
    Thursday, August 18 & 20, 2020: Academic Meet-Ups
    1st - 8am - 9am
    5th - 10am - 11am
    7th - 11am - 12pm
    Friday, August 19 & 21, 2020: Academic Meet-Ups
    2nd - 8am - 9am
    4th - 9am - 10am
    6th - 10am - 11am

    Mr. Warner's Schedule

    My Tutorials


    4:00- 5:00pm

    My Office Hours

    Monday - Friday 

    2:30 - 3:30pm

    Phone: (281) 641-4057   Email: cwarner@humbleisd.net


    Chadrick Warner
    8th Grade Math Teacher
Mr. Warner