• Welcome Wildcat, I am Mrs Hughes a 7th grade RELA at Humble Middle School. I am the mother of three. I love music, reading, and everything Language Arts(of course).

    Please check the Schoology page for weekly assignments as long as we are online learning.


    My Academic Meet-ups

    Tuesday and Thursday :

    3rd , 5th, and 7th periods  9 am

    Wednesday and Friday:

    2nd , 4th, and 6th periods

    Zoom links located on the Week In A Glance 

    Office hours Monday - Friday 2:30 - 3:30 pm



    Mrs. S. Hughes

    7th grade RELA Teacher

     Room 209

      Email: sjhughes@humbleisd.net

I am an RELA teacher for grades 6,7,8.