Greetings Wildcat Scholars,


    My name is Ms. Williams and I am teaching Strategic Writing,

    Professional Communications, and Credit Recovery.  My

    goal is to expand your knowledge and  hone in on your

    literacy skills  for college and career readiness. This year

    will be challenging, but also rewarding.  If you exhibit the

    Wildcat P.R.I.D.EPreparation, Respect, Integrity, 

    Discipline, and Effort in all your endeavors,  your school

    year will be brimming with success.  I look forward to

    assisting you on your educational journey.


    Contact Information

    Email: tabitha.williams@humbleisd.net

    Phone: (281) 641-6300




    1st Period: Credit Recovery

    2nd Period: Conference

    3rd Period: Credit Recovery

    4th Period: Strategic Writing

    5th Period: Strategic Writing

    6th Period: Professional Communications

    7th Period: Strategic Writing 


    Ms. Williams