• Julia Makin


    French I, II,

    IB French Ab Initio

    Bienvenue en classe de français ! 

    Welcome to French! We will be learning language for a variety of scenarios, plus exploring culture, history and the arts from the French-speaking world.

    For IB, we will be working towards meeting the requirements of the Ab Initio / SL exams to form the language acquisition part of your IB Diploma.


  • Schoology

    Check your French class in Schoology to see resources, grammar notes, vocabulary lists etc


    Tutorials are available every Wednesday 3:00 - 4:30pm


    You will need to bring a composition book to use solely for French class, and a pencil/pen to class every day.




  • Contact details:

    Room 8102

    Conference period - 5th period

    Phone: 281 641 6300

    contact me through Schoology or email


  • Schedule

    All classes rm 8102



    1 French II  
    2 French II  
    3 French I  
    4 French I  
    5 Conference  
    IB French Ab Initio
    Years 1 & 2
    7 French I  
Ms. Makin