Laura Cathrine

    English IV Honors Dual Credit

    English IV: British Literature

    English 1301/1302


    Contact Information

    Phone/Text: Contact information available in the course syllabus and in Schoology

    Email: laura.cathrine@humbleisd.net


    Office Hours
    Effective September 24
    Tuesday and Thursday: 12-1pm and 2-4pm

    Other times available by appointment.


    Academic Meet-up/"Class Meeting" Schedule

    Students will attend academic meet-ups based on their schedule.

    Links to each Zoom classroom are posted in Schoology.


    Weekly Academic Meetup Schedule

    1st period: 7:25

    2nd period: 8:25

    3rd period: 9:25                           

    4th period: 10:25                       

    5th period: 11:25

    6th period: 1:10                      

    7th period: 2:10