Mendoza's Masterminds

  • Hello! I'm Rachel Mendoza! This is my first year at ASE, and I am BEYOND excited to be part of your community! I'll be teaching 3rd grade Reading, Writing, and Social Studies in room 2101. I have 4 years of teaching experience. I spent my first year after graduation teaching english in South Korea. I really developed a love for helping students reach their goals and read books that ignite their minds. 

    I want the students in my class to master any goals they set for themselves, so my room will be Mendoza's Masterminds. We will be building a community of respect, openess, kindness, and communications. 

    This past summer got married to an amazing man, and we adopted the cutest sheepadoodle on the planet, Claire. 

    You can reach me at:



3rd Grade
Rachel and Gregory Mendoza on their wedding day.
Ms. Mendoza's dog, Claire.