• Debbie Willows



    Room 408

    7th and 8th ART



    All Students - Face to Face and Virtual will need to provide a Sketchbook to work in.  (Walmart has the cheapest ones - or Micheals with a coupon is also very reasonable.)


    For students going to Face to Face instruction there is a $25 art fee for all Art classes.  Below is the link that can be used to pay for the fee with a Debit/Credit card.  All payments must be through Rev-trak - there will be cash or checks accepted on campus at this time per policy.

     WMS Art Fee - Pay Here

     Virtual students - Please see the Supply List Page.  As a virtual student you are not paying the Supply Fee but will be providing all your own supplies.  If there are any questions - please email me.

    My Schedule:

    1st Pd Conference

    2nd Pd Applied Art 7/8

    3rd PdIntermediate Art 7/8

    4th Pd Beginning Art 7/8

    5th Pd Beginning Art 7/8

    6th Pd Advanced Art 8th

    7th Pd Beginning Art 7/8

    Tutoring:  By Appointment through Zoom


    **Once Face-to-Face Instruction begins I want all parents to be aware that Art is set up so that I have Face-to-Face students at the sametime as Virtual students.  (Core classes are not set up that way.)  All Virtual classes will be set up with Asyncronous lessons.  At this time (Aug 6th) I am not sure how I am going to meet with my Virtual classes.  My Conference period is 1st so I may end up having 8:00 Zooms with students - I am hoping that we work out a way that I can meet regularly with these students after we start face-to-face.  I will keep everyone updated.


    My Art Room Amazon Wish List - here