Puerta Nueva de Bisagra. 10th-century arched stone gate to the city of Toledo.

Puerta Nueva de Bisagra. 10th-century arched stone gate to the city of Toledo, dating from the era of Moorish rule.
  • Dear students and parents,

    Welcome to Mr. Heikell's Spanish 1 class for the 2020 - 2021 school year. To find the assignments for your class, simply go to the Schoology app in the My Humble section of the HISD website. To access Schoology, your child must first login to the MyHumble page using his or her school credentials. Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the Schoology app (a blue S with a circle around it). We will be using the Schoology app for all year long for a variety of things. In Schoology, there is a weekly document called, "Week-at-a-glance" where one can look at an overview of the weeks activities. Use this to determine what is coming up and especially to determine when tests are assigned. 

    Tutorials. For the 4th quarter, I will provide tutoring every Tuesday @ 4:10pm via Zoom. The Zoom webinar link is found in Schoology and also found in the Week-at-a-glance documents provided by the teacher. In person students that require tutoring can come by 4th period during their advisory period. Make an appointment prior to showing up. 

    Online students will need to use Schoology for attendance (a short daily warm-up with a green puzzle piece symbol), watching instructional lessons (Youtube or teacher created videos), completing daily assignments (a square or light blue puzzle piece symbol) and taking exams (a green puzzle piece symbol). In addition, it is the responsibility of the students to stay caught up on their assignments in Schoology. There will be practice activities preparing the students to do the two graded activities in Schoology per week. Failure to complete these graded assignments puts students dangerously behind the class and may cause the student to fail the course. Don't confuse warm-ups with assignments. Completion of daily warm-ups only marks students present for the day. They do not apply towards their overall grade in the class. Please be diligent in Schoology and do ALL of the posted assignments. They are in one folder and are placed in chronological order as per WMS policy. 

    Face-to-face students will use Schoology at times during school and can access it when needed at home. Students will do simular activites in the classroom that will mimic the topics learned online. If a student is absent they can fall back on the Schoology versions for help. It is a great tool to use when your child is absent. They can go to the Schoology lessons and assignments for the days they were absent and get caught up there. There is no need to wait for teachers instructions upon returning to school. Simply do the work you missed in class through the Schoology app while you are gone. This will take the place of any activity done face-to-face in the classroom and then you are caught up when you return to school. Regarding testing. All tests will be taken on Schoology in the school computer lab. If your child is absent on a test day they can take the test online in Schoology instead. Some assignments will be carried out on the Schoology platform as well. This will be completed during scheduled computer lab visits at school.

    I know this year has presented many challenges for parents and students and I'm sure you will have a lot of questions through out the year. I will be here to help you with these questions and challenges as they arise. We WILL get though this. We are finding new ways to learn Spanish every day and I'm confident that the kids will adapt to these changes. The kids are still learning how to appreciate different cultures and a new language every day. We are making the best of our situation and have fun doing it. I am confident that we can make this an excellent year and together it will happen.


    Hasta pronto,


    Mr. William Heikell

    Spanish Department Head

    Woodcreek Middle School


    Resource: heikell.weebly.com

    Email: wheikel@humbleisd.net

    Room: 413

    Grade Level: seventh and eighth

    Subject: Spanish 1

    Tutoring: Vitrual students on Tuesdays via Zoom @ 4:10pm

    In person students by appointment during advisory period


    Regular schedule                     Late arrival schedule



      1st 10:10



      2nd 10:48



      3rd 11:26



      4th 1:35



      5th 2:13



      6th 2:50



      7th 3:27