• Name: Derrilynn Landry

    Phone: 281-641-5257

    Email: dlandry@humbleisd.net

    Room: 310

    Grade Level: 7th

    Subject: Science


    1st Period- Conference

    2nd Period- OL Science

    3rd Period- PreAP Science

    4th Period- PreAP Science

    5th Period-PreAp Science

    6th Period- OL Science

    7th Period- OL Science



    The 7th grade science team will hold tutorials every Monday through Thursday, before and after school by appointment.  The science team rotates days every week to be here to support your students as much as possible to ensure their success. If a student needs to come to tutorials, they must notify their teacher to set up a day and time and they will then be given a tutorials pass. The student MUST have a pass to stay for tutorials in order for the teacher holding the session to know that the student is where they are supposed to be.


    Follow the 7th grade science teachers on Twitter as another way to get an inside look of all of the fun and amazing things your students will be doing this year:



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