• Einstein’s Egghead - The genius club!

    Sponsor: Mrs. Romero

    Meeting Time: Monday after school 4-5 in D105



    There was only One Einstein, the word genius is a wonderful choice for a way to describe the very act of what drives the learning process of every student.  All students are born with the “genius quality” it's our calling as parents and educators to encourage the “joy of learning” so they realize their Einstein abilities. Like a genius, hour to get students engaged in learning, and excited about taking charge of their education.


    In the Einstein club, students will be encouraged to develop their own potential, and find their inner genius. There are 12 qualities of a Genius:

    Curiosity                                               Wonder                                               Vitality

    Playfulness                                            Wisdom                                              Sensitivity

    Imagination                                           Inventiveness                                     Flexibility

    Creativity                                              Humor                                                Joy


    Whether we do a book study about a famous Scientist/Inventory/Entrepreneur or we create a blog to share thoughts with other students around the world. We can manage a website that introduces new discoveries and technologies or an editorial spot on the daily school newscast. We might find a service-learning project to better our community - we as the Einstein Eggheads will find our passion and joy for  discovery, ingenuity and inquiry. We will find our genius - “Give birth to the joy of learning” at West Lake Middle School.


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