• Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Very soon we will begin the process of creating class rosters for the 2019 - 2020 school year. We will use a process that attempts to ensure that all students are placed appropriately for success.

    The climate and learning environment of the classroom is a key element for student success. Factors that are considered include, but are not limited to, individual strengths, challenges, work habits, conduct and special programs. The intention is to form well-balanced learning communities that allow all children to succeed.

    We welcome your input in this process. A form is provided at the link, http://tinyw.in/YCLy for you to share information about your child. If you wish to provide information, please complete the form by May 31, 2019.

    Please understand that this information will be one of the factors considered as we form classrooms that match students and teachers in communities that will best assure success for all students.

    Please refrain from requesting  a specific teacher. It would be impossible to grant 800+ requests in the best interest of all students at SWE. In addition, teaching assignments at SWE are subject to change prior to the start of the new year.

    Thank you for your input and your continued collaboration!